$MEE Token

MEE is the platform token of Mercurity Swap with no governance rights on transaction fees, dividends, etc. You can view the audited MEE contract here: https://etherscan.io/address/0xe1b583dc66e0a24fd9af2dc665f6f5e48978e106#code
Total volume: 50 million $MEE Starting Circulating Supply: 5000 $MEE
Distribution: No pre-mining, released in 5–6 years, 88.5% mining, 1.5% Community incentive, and the rest 10% is released to the project developer in the same proportion as the mining progress.
  1. 1.
    Liquidity mining: 45.24%.
  2. 2.
    Trade mining: 42.76%
  3. 3.
    LP Staking / Pledge mining: 0.5%
  4. 4.
    Community incentive: 1.5%
  5. 5.
    Project developer: 10%

Liquidity Migration

Pair Tokens represent the governance rights for each liquidity pool. Along with the Mercurity Swap protocol, Pair Tokens empower liquidity pools to become completely autonomous communities.‌
When Balancer LP Token Staking farming ends, we will migrate all LP tokens staked on the Mercurity Swap protocol. The migration will redeem all LP tokens from Balancer and initiate new liquidity pools. These new pools will be nearly identical to the Balancer pools with added features. Any fee generated in the liquidity pool will be shared with MEE token holders. When the migration is complete, the converted liquidity will be injected into Mercurity Swap liquidity pools. The liquidity providers do not need to operate in migration but earn Pair Token and MEE tokens through providing future liquidity.

Vesting Period

The Vesting Period is created to prevent attacks that have affected many recently launched DeFi protocols against price manipulation. This is intended to help with stabilization. We encourage the network to grow in a healthy & stable way. It is a mechanism designed for the longevity of the project.

Token Burn -

Starting on November 17th and onwards, Reserve/Tax pool tokens are burned.
Through this initiative, all MEE holders will benefit from the burning MEE from the total supply. Again this is only for the tokens that are sent to the reserve & Tax pool.
Read about the VESTING PERIOD In the future, we will continue to add more MEE user scenarios and benefits activities for your support and encouragement. In the future, the community can change the destruction rule through a community if community members have a disagreement with the rule.
In the future, Mercurity DAO will have the right to modify the destruction rules, subject to the total number of votes in favor and the number of voters.