Security Audit

To keep the Mercurity.Finance secure, we have invested in security audits.

Beosin Has Completed The Security Audit Service Of Mercurity Swap Of Defi Protocol

Recently, the security audit team of Beosin received the security audit request fromMercurity SwapDefi Protocol, asking Beosin to carry out a comprehensive security audit of its smart contract, Mercurity Swap Pool. And Beosin conducted the rigorous and professional security audit process on 3 major items and 21 minor items such as:
· Coding Conventions Auditing · General Vulnerability Auditing · Business Auditing ·During the audit process, Beosin adopted these auditing methods such as: ·Formal Verification · Static Analysis · Dynamic Analysis · Typical Case Testing · Manual Review

Beosin also provided specific security recommendations for each audit item. After auditing, Mercurity Swap and Mercurity Swap Pool passed all inspection items, and the audit result was passed; all problems found during the audit process have been notified to the project party and have been fixed.