Mercurity.Finance is the super node of Roxe Chain. As a super node of Roxe Chain, Mercurity.Finance can obtain corresponding economic incentives-each super node will get 1% of the total income of sending transactions using Roxe Chain; governance rights-the processing performance used by Roxe Chain super nodes is much higher than other nodes ; industry recognition-Roxe Chain super nodes are recognized as innovative leaders in the blockchain and cryptocurrency ecosystem, especially in the fields of global instant settlement and cross-border payments.

Roxe Chain is a hybrid chain designed for global payments and other value transfer applications. It is the underlying technical support of the Roxe payment network. It can connect highly dispersed financial systems, assets and markets, making global instant settlement and cross-border payments faster and faster,more reliable and cost-effective.

Roxe is a global payment network based on blockchain technology. It provides banks, central banks, payment companies, remittance providers and consumers with the best point-to-point payment path, which can realize real-time, low-cost,cross-regional, cross-currency, cross-system payment. Roxe can provide a complete infrastructure and a rich ecosystem from the consensus layer to the application layer. Roxe Capital Limited has obtained the strategic investment from Zero2First (seed round), Consensus Lab, K24 Ventures, Future Capital Tech, HBTC Labs, Crypto Capital, MNS Capital, Red Stone Capital, etc. , and accumulated financing over one million dollars.

ROC is the ecological token of the Roxe payment network. ROC can be traded on HBTC, BKEX, UNISWAP,and Mercurity Swap now.


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