Tutorial: Migrate liquidity from V1 to V2

-Remove liquidity from V1
1.Go to V1 http://poolv1.mercurity.finance/,connect your wallet.
2.Find and enter the pool in which you have liquidity.
3.Click ‘Remove Liquidity’.
4.Click ‘Max’ to select all the liquidity.
5.Click ‘Remove Liquidity’. As MetaMask pops up, click ‘Confirm’. The assets can be found in your wallet after the request executed on chain.
-Add liquidity on V2
1.Go to V2 http://pool.mercurity.finance,connect the wallet and find the corresponding pool.
2.Click ‘Add Liquidity’.
3.Input the number of liquidity.
4.As MetaMask pops up, click ‘Confirm’ and wait for the execution to be completed.